LongRange University


If you know RPG ...

... you're qualified to build native mobile apps.

  Complimentary Sessions

Step #1: Watch the Introductory Video
LongRange 101 - An Introduction to LongRange

Step #2: Installation Videos
  The following set of video tutorials will guide you through installing LongRange on your Apple or Android mobile device, IBM i server and developer workstation. Start with LongRange 201 and continue sequentially through LongRange 209.
Expand for details LongRange 201 - Installing LongRange on your Mobile Device

LongRange 204 - Installing LongRange on Your IBM i Server

LongRange 207 - Connecting your LongRange App to your IBM i Server

LongRange 209 - Installing LongRange on your Developer Workstation

Step #3: Self-paced Hands-on Workshops
  Get “hands-on” in an educational environment designed for RPG developers interested in seeing how easy it is to build Native Mobile Apps with LongRange. A series of 4 self-paced exercises walk you through building and deploying a Native Mobile App empowered with native device features and real-time access to your IBM i data and applications. The workshops are free and you get free use of the LongRange software for 45 days.
LongRange 301 - Implementing a Search Screen

LongRange 304 - Displaying Search Results

LongRange 307 - Selecting Search Results to View/Edit Item Details

LongRange 309 - Adding More Functionality

Product information, documentation, FREE download and more: www.longrangemobile.com